Here’s What You Don’t Know About Using UBER and LYFT [crazy]

UBER and LYFT Ridesharing is a choice of millions around the world today. But, like with all new things, we learn more as the phenom progresses into either a monster or a blessing for the general public.

The world of transportation is a crazy place.   It’s also a crazy place to work. Many in the industry will agree. From bus drivers to airline flight attendants, to taxi’s to trains. Today, it’s a “must” for customer service and a very grueling way to make a living. Getting people from point A to point B is the goal, and getting them there without any problems is part of that goal. But getting them there, keeping them happy, and comfortable is a major transportation goal, but sometimes customers just don’t feel that way.

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Looking at Rideshare from the customers side is easy, you get to where you want to go, you RATE the driver, and you go on your way. But is that all there is to using UBER and LYFT?  Many do not realize (and some just don’t care) that ALL Uber and Lyft drivers are not fingerprinted or go through drug screening.  So you take a chance as to who is actually driving you. FBI Fingerprint checks go back to 1924, UBER and LYFT checks go back 7 years, and not even close to the indepth view you can get of someone that and FBI Scan can do.  If your driver had any felony, DUI, DWI, domestic violence, rape or any violent crime over 7 years ago, they will be driving for Rideshare.  Sexual preditors have applied for UBER and actually drove by getting past the screening done by UBER , for UBER.

What makes matters worse is that when you “agree” to the Terms and Conditions that UBER provides you, you are leaving UBER (the 60 Billion dollar company, or living on hedge funds company, we are not sure because they won’t go public), out of the picture, and anything that happens, it’s between you and the driver, whom probably has nothing to give you in a court case, which is why they are driving for UBER or LYFT in the first place.

Another problem to many people is privacy.  We are not promoting Taxi’s, but when you get in a Taxi, and pay cash, nobody knows where you were, or where you are going, without calling the cab company to check their radio/dispatch logs for information. Or check the APP the taxi uses. But to do this, you will need law enforcement and a  court order to obtain the information.  With UBER or LYFT, all your data, your home address, your picture, you Credit Card information, and all your travel habits are logged, by UBER or LYFT  in their central computer system, and any employee can access this data, anytime they want, without warrant.

It’s a privacy issue, a safety issue. From our conversations with people who’ve used UBER or LYFT, many assumed the privacy and safety were being handled in an adult manner, meaning the privacy is safe and the background checks are complete.  But for these rideshare companies, the bottom line is profit, not safety, and certainly not privacy.  Pease visit for information about Rideshare and other Rideshare stories.

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