7 Of The Best (But Not So Obvious) Historic Places To Visit In America

Here are 7 Historic Places to Visit In America that may not be as obvious as Grants Tomb or the city of Philadelphia.

1. Menlo Park New Jersey


This is where Thomas Edison had his famous laboratory, and today there is a museum you can visit. But  contrary to popular belief, Edison did NOT  invent the light bulb, he improved a 50 year old idea and it happened right here in Menlo Park.

It was 1876 when Edison opened his research laboratory.  Later the site became known as an “invention factory,” because Edison and his employees were working on many different inventions at any given time through the year. One of his best accomplishments is the phonograph, this was his first commercially successful and well received invention.  In 1882 Edison closed his  New Jersey Menlo Park laboratory and  moved into a new larger laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey.

Visit to find out more, and don’t forget  listen to some old Edison phonographs as well.


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