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Is Pokemon Go here to stay or will it go on it’s merry way when the next big thing hits your smart phone? Experts have not really determined that yet but the “word on the street” is that Pokemon Go will be around for along time, but what’s the secret?

The “secret” to success is to engage a young audience and get them into your world.   Most Pokemon Go players are those who “remember” the good ole days and the game back in the day. This experiential app , as I call it, proved a major marketing point, and that is simply that old school video games bring in the same customer years later.

It’s not hard to also figure that accessories play a very lucrative roll in any online app game. The next generation (Gen X) will be all into APPS plus accessories and more accessories. It’s like GI JOE or Barbie, buy the original in a box, it comes with cool stuff, but kids always want cooler stuff.

So the Secret, at least to me, is to get em young, then keep em young as they grow up, bringing back memories of ancient games found in the 8 to 216K Ram World, and bring them full circle, add accessories and you have a customer for a long time.

I still witness people of all ages walking around town, and gathering in “gym” area’s to capture these little creatures on their phone, and I don’t see the amount of people changing much.  It could be 2 in the afternoon, or midnight.


With success comes bandits. Pokemon Go has seen it’s share of hacking attempts. Stealing social media accounts is one of the biggest problems with Pokemon Go, but bragging about it is another.  Hackers actually brag online about stealing accounts, and even say what they are going to do with the account once they hack into it. So if you are looking for “new features” just be aware that developers are battling both fronts.  Keeping hackers out, and updating the app with new features.

Pokemon Go Developers are doing their best to keep the app safe and make your playing experience enjoyable. We can assure you that. They have a gold mine, and why not keep it open for themselves and safe and enjoyable for the millions playing.

Most of all , stay safe out there, watch where you are going, be nice to others and explore explore explore!

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