Why Is The Flat Earth Theory Gaining Popularity?

It’s a Flat World, with flat ground, without edges you’d fall off,  but actually, 200-foot ice walls surrounding the earth.

No, it’s  a GLOBE, with Gravity that keeps everything in place.

What’s been going on with fake news, the moon landing hoax theory, NASA, Government Media Control, False Flags including 911 and Sandy Hook has now got many people looking at everything they were taught or told from the first day of school, and, I don’t blame anyone for it.

The Flat Earth Theory has taken hold of many people throughout the world, so much so, that President Obama, while POTUS,  had to make a statement against the Flat Earth Society, saying they are not invited to talk (in a joking, but serious manner). He is shrewd.

The Flat Earth Theory has spawned such movies as “Gravity” and “Interstellar” because, well, Hollywood got the orders to start producing some movies about outer space.

What is the problem with believing that the earth is not a globe, but in fact, flat? Who’s it going to affect, who’s pocketbook would it take money from? When the masses turn to a FLAT earth and demand answers, you have the problem of answering them because something strange happens when you go from GLOBE to FLAT, which is Cognitive Dissidence.  The TRUTH becomes real, and there is nothing any scientist, astronaut, movie, book or chalkboard formula could do to change that. It’s like the WOW factor if you will.

Tweets and FB Groups and Post after Post have become popular about this Flat Earth Theory,  about an earth that has a dome over it, and ice walls around it.  Not an edge, which is the “joke of the month” at NASA, I mean the “joke of every month” because there are people who believe all flat earthers think there is an edge you fall off, when in fact, I don’t know any. That’s just rhetoric.

With the question of a Flat Earth as a secret being held from the public begs a question. If the earth is FLAT, why not just say ITS FLAT?  Why keep it hidden?  This, of course, assumes it is indeed Flat.

I am going to assume the earth is a globe, now I have a problem with flat earthers saying gravity does not exist, there isn’t a curve, and science has never proven a global heliocentric model even with pictures from space.  But to be honest, minus some pseudo mathematical formula, it’s all the globe has. Pictures from NASA and formulas from 15th-century scientists and the eclipse, which is supposed to be the Earth blocking the SUN from the MOON, or the other way around, which proves a globe.

I talked to a few flat earthers and what changed many of them to the Flat Earth is the theory that water curves because of gravity and pulls it toward the center. That made no sense to most of them. Some told me that it was the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Others said they found stories of both the USSR and the USA launching nukes of massive megatons into the sky to break open a ceiling that they didn’t think existed in early space travel attempts. This happened in the late 1950’s.

Water that curves, a Ceiling or Dome, Nukes launched to open the ceiling, and gravity pulling everything to the center


an earth with a dome, protected by ice walls all around, with the SUN, MOON, and Stars under the dome.

This is where the battle began in the minds of many.

The SUN is reported at 93 million miles away, and the moon at 283,300 thousand miles away, and stars are so far away,  that they look really small.

The weird thing is, stars are small, the sun and the moon are close, and there is a dome over the earth and there are ice walls that surround us and this is really the reason why the Flat Earth Theory is gaining in popularity, and those who control the masses are trying everything they could to keep this truth from the general public.

They are doing it through movies, books, interviews with paid off scientists, school books, teachers and Bubba the beer guzzler who will mock you if you say the world “FLAT”.


The key to the success of NASA and all the missions to space. The one word you cannot debate. A theory that you cannot talk about openly in an adult conversation is the word gravity. It’s so complex that nobody with an IQ less than 180 can figure it out.

Gravity claims that even if you are below the Globe, say in Austrailia or Tasmania, the sky is still above you, and the center of the earth below you, so you don’t feel upside down. That’s the simple explanation of gravity, in a nutshell.

Gravity also covers curving water, and tripping and falling to the ground.

Gravity also covers the tides of the oceans and the weightlessness in space.

Gravity is the key to NASA – it was determined by Einstien to be a theory of fact, yes, a factual theory.

Tesla said Einstien was a SHILL. He was being used by the governments to take away invention, to stop regular humans from saving on electricity and water, so they can be charged and taxed, and to stop the use of earth resources and put the power of discovery strictly into the hands of governments, he was paid quite well for it, and as you know, became the smartest man ever, per the elite who used him.

Many people are waking up because, well, they are sick and tired of lies.  All Lies.

It’s funny to me that many say that politicians lie, and governments are greedy and in it for themselves. But that only happens when the observer has a problem with the government in their life.  The observer doesn’t care about a geocentric or heliocentric earth, it doesn’t affect their wallet.  But they care about tax codes, spending, illegal aliens, and anything that would dig into their precious dollar bills, and the government knows this. Heck, if I know it, they know it.

But I think we’ve come to a time when people can multitask easier. With the speed of the internet (through fiber optics and land cables, not satellites) and the communications of social media, and blogs like this one, it is easy to not only watch your precious dollar, but look at many issues, or theories. The FLAT EARTH theory is growing because people are seeing through it all. But the quesiton still arises, why would the governments lie.

I don’t know the answer, but I have an opinion on that.  The secular opinion is job security, paychecks for NASA and the space department personnel who need a job and feed their family, and take nice trips with paid vacations.  If that was to stop, many people would be out of work, museums would shut down, sci-fi movies would stop – it would be a financial nightmare for many.

The Spiritual Reason is that many Christian Bible Teachers and other Religions as well feel that the big event that would bring us a global new world with one government is an attack of aliens from other planets.  Having no impenetrable firmament or dome would mean easy access to earth. The story that APPOLO Missions can re-enter the earth’s atmosphere would mean it is even easier for aliens to enter our atmosphere, after all, aren’t all space aliens smarter than us, as seen in all movies.  We are just dummies compared to these aliens from other planets.

Add the secular reason and spiritual reason together and you have a WIN-WIN for the global elite world. NASA  will keep getting billions of dollars from idiots like us, and when the time is right, the staged event of an alien invasion can be very believable because the SKY IS THE LIMIT and there is no dome or ceiling above us. It’s just open space for infinite light years beyond your wildest dreams.


I predict that many more movies, books, shows, and even stronger hatred of Flat Earth Theory Believers will be coming real soon. I believe that flat earth groups will form.  I believe fake Flat Earth Groups will form to discredit the truth with really stupid claims. That is a classic way destroy an adversary.

I believe operations like Project Mockingbird will be run, through Radio Talk shows and TV Talk shows to discredit Flat Earth belief and mock them over and over so the on viewer laughs at them.  If you ever call into a radio show and disagree with the host, you will notice that they have the STEREO sound coming out of the radio, and you sound like you are in a tin can, so that’s a bit of mind control for the weaker minded listener to feel the HOST is always right, after all, he has the more powerful stereo voice, and the caller sounds like a nutjob in a tin can.


Do your own research on the flat earth theory. That’s all that seems flat earth believers want.  The Truth of Gods Creation will truly restore how you think and maybe even point you where to look for your soul’s restoration.


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