This Food When Consumed Daily Leads To The Secret Of A Longer Life

Say Cheese! 

This is great news for cheese lovers, which by a new study has shown that eating cheese suggests a strong link between longer life and a faster metabolism.

Scientists at the University of Aarhus in Denmark has done a study that reveals the fact that the French tend to have longer and healthier lives while consuming many diets in saturated fats.  That does not mean they eat cake, cookies, and ice cream. The phenomenon which is known as the French Paradox  which focuses on wine consumed and lifestyle of the French does point to one type of food: Cheese.

Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study strongly suggests that types of fermented dairy products,  such as cheese, contribute to longevity and good health.

The life expectancy in France is 82 years, and the average consumption per person is 23.9kg, or about 52 pounds of cheese per year.  We do know that the French have very low coronary heart disease problems even with consuming so much cheese.  Across the Sea,  British eat about 11.6kg or approx 23 pounds of cheese per year and  suffer at twice the levels of cardiovascular disease, but their life expectancy is 81 years.


The cheese found in these studies showed a higher level of butyric acid, which is linked to reduced obesity and a higher metabolism.  The study was done with 15 men who had diets that contained cheese or milk and ate a dairy diet with butter , but no other dairy type of products. In other words, these 15 men ate a lot of cheese, milk and butter. The study also showed a reduction in bad cholesterol.

This study is small, but there has been suggestions that the longer lives by the French has a link between the amount of cheese the French eat.  The suggestion is a role for gut microbes, that fight obesity which strongly suggest the paradox.

A study showed in 2012 that it was specifically Roquefort cheese that  guarded against heart disease and any cardiovascular disease, which was paramount in leading to good health and longevity.  This proved the science studies to move into cheese that was known for mold with green veins, like Roquefort Cheese. It showed an anti-inflammatory property which lead to longevity in the French.

The great “French Paradox”, as its called, clearly shows that Moldy Types Of Cheese, combined with a Red Wine can really help your heart, and clear up your arteries and help your cardiovascular system. It also contributes to fat reduction and reduces obesity.

Roquefort Cheese, Red Wine, and a Little Jazz music playing softly in the background, on the French Rivera could possibly add 5 years to your lifespan, but if that’s a stretch, you sure can use this article as an excuse to “get away” and spend some time relaxing on the coast of France. If  that is not doable,  just head over to your local grocery store and grab some Roquefort Cheese and  Red Wine, sit, relax, indulge,  and just think of all the benefits for your health.

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