The Zombie Apocalypse Is Government Controlled

YES ITS TRUE – Gov Controlled Zombies

If it isn’t true, why is it on the CDC Website?

Have you wondered at all why Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? The status on the CDC website started as a fake, just to get us folks who don’t prepare for anything, to their website, so we can prepare for things like earthquakes, floods, tornado’s , incoming nuclear warheads, EMP Bombs, Chem trail residue and so on. (Ok, I pushed it a bit, but you get the point)

” We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via Zombie Preparedness. ”

Ok, so, if you are with me, in my thinking, Zombies are not real. People die, and are dead. Maybe a Ghost might appear in spirit at your bedside, but that could also be the dimension that we don’t see, and a demon hanging out with you. But real live, walking dead, zombies, in my opinion, just do not exist.

With that thought process, I, as this author and my opinion only, can only conclude that any ZOMBIE attack anywhere in the world, is staged and set up by the government of that country. The motive: “Who Knows” My opinion for the motive: “Fear tactics to basically make you more dependent on the government” It’s what they have been doing the past 20 years (making you afraid of your own shadow) and it is certainly a possibility they have something “zombie” planned, in the future.

The CDC are now preparing a preparation-procedure for Zombies. Why didn’t they do this in 1975, 1933, 1901, 1853, 1776? The answer is simple, with TV and Movies comes reality that is not real. And with that said, it gets in your brain, the side of the brain that does not contain “common sense” and they know it. So using the side of your brain, that enjoys or gets scared watching fake crap on TV and the Movies , and not bending your head to the left, so it processes reality on the other side of your brain, its very easy to put fear in peoples minds, and hearts.

After all, its the CDC , the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL. The ones who shoot monkey piss and mercury into your veins to eradicate the FLU and Shingles and Mumps and Measles and Rubella and AIDS and Leprosy and now Zombie bites. (hmm, maybe Dominos Pizza can come up with Zombie bites for a snack)

So to conclude – it’s all happy horse manure, but it’s fun playing with zombies and zombie video games, but just turn your head to the left side, and let the reality of zombies ooze into the side of your brain that contains “common sense”

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