Really Weird Things You Missed If You Didn’t Live During The 1950’s [photos]

Weird 1950s!

I was born in 1957, so I missed the early Deco Art, and the insanity about the Atom Bomb. I do remember “duck and cover” in grammar school. I always thought that these desks we are ducking under must be pretty strong, protecting us from an Atomic Blast.

With that said, I have found some really interesting photo’s from the Nuclear Age of the 1950’s. I kind of, in a weird way, miss the days of ultimate capitalism and what Americans did to promote products, push safety and of course, good food with LARD.

So here are some pictures that I hope you enjoy, and takes you back to a time in America where things were simple……….

#1 The Robot Toy’s 


The theme of the day in the 1950’s and early 60’s was Robot, Space Alien Monsters From Planet X.  Yes, I remember these fun toys, they were heavy and built really well, and kind of cool for the time .  This kid has the extra glasses and helmet to go with his robot. Pretty snazzy.







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