7 Things About Americans That Visitors Find Strange [weird]

Here we are, in America, we sit between 2 large oceans, surrounded by Canada to our north (not where Santa Claus is from) and Mexico to our South West (not where all illegal aliens come from) and we certainly have some strange habits to visitors from abroad.

Here are some of the weirdest things visitor to America think about ya’all ……..

# 1 Massive Soda Aisles in Every Grocery Store


It’s like a sugar dream from another planet.  One full aisle of soda, and every kind of soda imaginable all in plastic bottles. We have 2 Liters, 6 packs, 4 packs, single servings, everything from lemon , orange and grape, to Coke, Pepsi and Root Beer and everything in between. Most visitors to our country cannot believe all the soda that can be found on one long aisle in a grocery store.  Jaws do drop.

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