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5 Fascinating People Who Ran For U.S. President [photos]

America has had its share of weird people who tried to run for president of the United States (and other high ranking political positions).  Some actually got a following, and others, well, not so much.

It’s hard to take some people seriously, but let’s take a peek at some of the stranger characters who ran for the office of the President Of the United States of America.

#1 Deez Nuts


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Deez Nuts.  There are 500 people who have filed in the Federal Election Commission and the latest, and most famous is Steven Wayne Covington, who is actually the 512th  person to sign up for president under Deez Nuts.

No party lines, these are just people who’ve filed, but Steven Wayne Covington seemed to be the most serious, and he even received press time on the major networks.

The Iowa farm boy who begins his sophomore year in high school stated that he is making a way for a third party.  But, at least for a short time, polls in North Carolina surged for a week, and he was the top tweet on twitter.  15 Minutes of fame (Check), but for Steven, it was like a whole week of fame.



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