UBER Has Killed Taxis, BUT The Real Story Is Worse ……….

Uber INC makes tons of money a day, off the backs of its slave drivers.

The Uber driver makes about 20 cents a mile, after maintenance, gas, time.

The insurance is a scam, (*get in an accident if you don’t believe it) and uber has ruined a taxi industry that “had to” play by the rules of each state and federal laws.

Uber plays by no laws, no regulation, improper insurance, and no training. If you don’t like cabs, fine, nobody cares, but when you look deeper, you will see the UBER BiZ model is the problem with the entire world today. The Middle class is shrinking, and there will be only upper class and labor forces. aka: communism (not capitalism like people relate uber too – its actually the very opposite)….

The Business Model Of UBER (AND LYFT) supports the slave owner mentality. You, the driver, are the slave. Yes you are, and if you are a new driver, you are really mad at me right now, but in 3 to 6 months, the normal quitting time for Uber and Lyft drivers, you will come back to this article and say “YOU ARE RIGHT”

The business model is diabolical, its lied from its start, and it fools many people. The Lies that have been thrown at the public (35 dollars an hour, screened drivers, proper insurance) and so on , are so blatant that it’s amusing.



Other lies is that its a “technology” company, and makes money from the APP.  Am I  not getting something here?  Angry Birds makes money from the app, Flight Simulator makes money from the app, Candy Crush, Pandora, NASCAR all make money from the app, take UBER and LYFT drivers from the roads, then you have no money coming  from the APP.  Its the slave drivers that make money for these companies, not the APP.  The APP dispatches, and that’s all it does, it does not MAKE MONEY on its own, like angry birds, and my other examples.  The APP, by dispatching, defines UBER and LYFT as a TAXI.  Its a Dispatch app, thats all it is, it does not make money, the driver doing the task makes the money for the company.

Lets test this theory, if no drivers for UBER drove this SUNDAY, but the APP still worked, but nobody was picked up, would UBER make money from the APP?  That’s how easy it is to prove UBER is not a technology company, its a TAXI Service.   Lyft is not a Technology company, its a TAXI service.

In other words, UBER and LYFT are Taxi companies — PERIOD.  But they lie, and for some conspiratorial reason, the federal government and state governments are looking the other way.

Donald Trump became president because AMERICA did not trust the Government, right?  Well the governments are looking the other way on clear definitions of the terms “Rideshare” “Transportation” “Technology” , and it looks like they do this to cover  a billion dollar business that has the wrong insurance , no finger printing of drivers, and no drug screens , all during a time of “TERRORIST THREATS” and “ILLEGAL ALIENS” taking over the United States of America.  If you don’t smell a scam, then you need to clear out your sinuses .

I can go on about why they are looking the other way, and so can you. There are many reasons, a clear reason is that Taxi Drivers take cash, on some fares, and that means they may not report it to the IRS. But UBER and LYFT has all transactions recorded, making it easy to TAX every driver.

Also, we have the Snowden reason, the Terms and Conditions of UBER and LYFT state that all your data is stored, in a COMPUTER in the United States, so with that knowledge, our buddies at the FBI, CIA  and NSA  (BIG 3) can track all our rides, to and fro, along with our picture, our CC and of course our real home address, making it a breeze to watch anyone’s travel habits without the iPhone or Samsung issues that are documented throughout the internet which keep the BIG 3 from getting 100% accurate data, and creeping in on our privacy, just through our cell phones.

As you know, privacy  is a big deal, without UBER or LYFT  no government  can get 100% accurate data because APPLE and ANDROID fight them and block things making our data more secure.  So in comes UBER and LYFT to the rescue. YEAH!!!

Lets conclude with the reasons UBER and LYFT get away with lawlessness. Its because the GOVERNMENT allows it. The Gov changed the laws after an illegal startup by UBER, which is the  first time in history a company started up illegally and are now billionaires.

in the 2009 timeframe, UBER had drivers picking up people for profit in California, which had a clear law stating that any private car that acts as a vehicle for hire, or makes profit, becomes a commercial vehicle, and needs commercial insurance and commercial license plates.  So the startup was done illegally. But UBER called it a “Tech” startup —  its not.

To conclude, The business model is socialism. The TOP get rich, the SLAVES get poor, there is no middle ground.  The fact that you want to work UBER or LYFT part time to make party money, or food money is nice, but the real fact is that you are now taking away from other UBER and LYFT drivers who do it full time.  Nice huh?  Let all the rideshare drivers battle, as they destroy one another, and take down a regulated Taxi Industry, while UBER and LYFT CEO’s CFO’s make all the money.  And I thought America hated corporations like UBER and LYFT.  I guess nobody really cares.






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