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Make Money Using The Internet

It was the year 1995. I had the internet at my house, it was certainly in it’s infancy.  Before 1995 I was on a few Bulletin Board Systems, Compuserve and Prodigy.  I joined AOL as one of the first 500 members in early 91, and then went to the Internet with a local ISP in 1995.

The internet was so new, you could buy if it was available and sell it to the Coca Cola Company for literally thousands of dollars, if not millions, the same with Ford, Chevy, Toys r us, whoever did not have a website.  That is one example of the many changes that have come from laws and rules governing the internet. You cannot buy corporation names anymore and resell them (bummer)

After I had the internet in 1995, I used it mainly for research, but also wanted to make some spare change for my income. I strolled into a book store that year and found a book about a new company called eBay.  I bought it, read it, and started my auction business selling stuff laying around the house. I sold a few things and thought “how cool is this”. Then I ventured into a business because of eBay…..

The business started when a good friend called me and asked if I can do some research online about a guy his sister met ONLINE in some chat room. Chat rooms were pretty big in the mid 90’s . You couldn’t speak or talk to anyone, so it was all just typing.  Anyway,  I said sure, what do you know about him? He gave me some details, and I found where he lived and his job background, high school etc. Again, this was before regulation came out.

Well from there, I took that idea, and made a website , my first website ever, called the Internet Detective, it was basically a sales page.  I sold 3.5 inch floppies, with the actual detective website on the disk, so the customer would get the disk via snail mail, load it in their computer and the website would come up and they can click on different links to find people, the links would go to other sites that were hard to find, so they can easily locate old friends, military friends, family etc.  I added a bonus that came with the software, which was a little SPY Camera, but not digital, but one where you need to load film. Yes, it was a while back. I made 700 dollars my first week doing this by going into forums and “advertising” my site through links. Yes, again, back before new rules came out.

From there, I joined a company called SFI – Six Figure Income. This was in 2001, a MLM company, and I pushed it to the tune of earning about 250 dollars a month, residual income.  I was checking forums daily, to see what was going on in the MLM world, and on SFI’s forum itself.  I found that most affiliates had the same problem – Traffic and Signups.  Getting traffic to their affiliate links and getting people to sign up to the program.

Then came the morning of Jan 6th, 2002. 

It was a Sunday morning, I believe without double checking, and I was checking my SFI backoffice when I noticed one of my new affiliates got over 35 signups almost overnight.  I quickly emailed him to find out how the heck he did that.  He emailed me back almost immediately and gave me a link to a “Guaranteed Signups” website. He said that the signups get small cash incentives to signup to certain programs, through the company that he tried. He also said that even though these people won’t do much, you can email them forever, until they opt out of the program. One of those 35 actually paid money in the system, where he made a commission on a monthly residual basis.

I then went and purchased 25 of these signups from the company for my own SFI affiliate link, and in 2 days the order was filled. I was amazed and very happy, even tho these signups didn’t do much, but I pounded them with emails till they got sick of me. This was totally Legal cause they signed up.

My Next Step Took Me Into A $150,000 dollar year in internet marketing   

I thought why can’t I be a middle man, and buy these signups at wholesale prices and sell them to all the MLM companies online today. So I emailed the company that my affiliate in SFI used, the company emailed me back and said that they pay 12 cents per signup and sells them for 25 cents. This company was actually one guy, he was a middle man. I thought, wow, how brilliant is that. I asked him if I can buy them for 18 cents from him, and he jumped on the idea.

So right away, I authored a website, put up paypal buttons, charged x amount for 25 signups, x amount for 50 signups and so forth.  Well, to make this story shorter, the person I was buying these signups from was so behind on my orders, that he could not keep up. My first day using YAHOO GROUPS for my advertising, I received over 350 dollars in signup orders, my second day was even better with a repeat order already.  So, with all the orders I was sending to place, this kind gentleman who I was buying from  gave me the direct resource to purchase signups,  so they can handle my orders directly.  The company charged  8 cents per signup to buy from them direct.

This was in Late January 2002. By the end of the summer of 02, I was making over 5000 dollars a month, filling every order as fast as possible, quit my job, and went into selling signups full time. Then I hunted the net and found other types of tools that I can resell, to include targeted traffic and premium signups, where the signups were leads put into programs of “work from home” requests.  By the end of 2002 I made close to 150,000 dollars and from that time I thought that those who really making money online are those who sell “mining tools to the gold miners”

Since those days I’ve started a few MLM businesses myself, which were successful and got away from selling mining tools. Probably the biggest mistake I’ve made online to date. I mean, in my Signups , Traffic Business,  I had company owners from all over the world calling me wanting thousands of signups offered to their affiliates, a new company called me and purchased 7000 dollars in signups just to get their business rolling faster.  I was working my dream, financially.  That lasted until 2005 when I just stopped doing the business because I wanted to make residual income without filling orders and talking on the phone all day.  Big Mistake.

So, to sum this all up, today you may see people making money online with the emails you receive, or the screenshots, and you get jealous, don’t you? Well, if you sit back and look at who is making the money, it’s those who’ve found or invented or outsourced some kind of software, system, idea, information or product that helps online marketers with their AFFILIATE PROGRAM, or their AMAZON ASSOCIATES PROGRAM or whatever they are selling or pushing online to make sales or get signups or traffic.

If you really want to make money online, and work a bit, you can, if you have an idea to help people get traffic, signups, sales, or market.  Yes, there are affiliates in many programs making good income, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not me or you is it?  The easiest path to making money is finding a way to help people “expose” their business online.  The product has to be good, it has to help, and it has to do what it says.  There are so many affiliates, website owners that are always looking for new ways to expose their product or business online. That’s where you can make a ton of money, quick, if you do it right.

In today’s market, you can join companies like JVZOO, Warrior Forum, Clickbank, and not only expose your product to people who need it, but expose your product to others who will sell it for you – That my friends, is how you make fast, big, money online.  Your product can also have a VIP type of group on Facebook, where you set up a page, and once people purchase, allow them to join the group and share whats working and how they are doing it.  It’s sort of  like customer service without customer service.  Of course, like I did, you want a customer service support link or email. Which by the way, is the biggest secret to happy customers.  If you answer and respond as quickly as possible, you will be very successful.  If you don’t, you will end up on sites like Ripoff report and be totally ruined on social media.  But keeping in touch on questions and complaints, answering honestly will keep your customers happy, and “probably” keep your reputation above board online – which is paramount in growing your business.

So, stop, think, explore, watch forums, see what people are complaining about, what stops them from making money in their program or business, and help them fix it.  If you don’t program, that’s fine, you can go to rent a coder or many sites and actually get work done cheap, or even team up with a programmer who will be on your team and offer them a nice percentage of all sales. You market, they program – you all make money, big money!

Good luck to you and I hope in some shape or form, this article helps you in your online money making ventures. 


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