I Worked In The Trump Network, A Failed MLM but……

Hello Trump Lovers and Haters.  Donald Trump, like the NY Yankees is either loved or hated by most people, nobody has ever said to me, “Oh, Trump, I don’t know what I think about him” …..  So let me get started with some information about Donald Trump and about the failed MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program he started, and why it failed and what happened after it failed. At least in my perspective.

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, socialite, television personality, and author.  He is the Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization, a US-based real-estate developer. Trump is also the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operates numerous casinos and hotels across the world. Trump’s extravagant lifestyle and outspoken manner have made him a celebrity for years, a status amplified by the success of his NBC reality show, The Apprentice.  As you know , today he is the GOP Presidential Nominee.

Donald was thө fourth οf fiνe children of Fred Tгump, а wealthy real estate developer baѕed іn Nөw Yoгk City. Donald waѕ strongly influenсed Ьy hiѕ father іn his eventual goаls to makө а career іn real estate development,[2] and upon һis gradυation frοm Wharton School аt tһe University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Donald Trump joined his father’s company, Tһe Trump Organization.

Some of you may remember that in 2009 Miss California was embroiled in a national debate over gay marriage which occurred during last months’ of the Miss USA pageant, when Donald Trump stuck up for her and eventually she  was told  she can keep her state crown despite the release of “semi-naked photos.”

The photos were from when she was 17 and naturally wouldn’t have come to the surface if she wasn’t asked her views on Gay Marriage on stage in the middle of a pageant for Miss USA.  Donald Trump did a great job protecting  her rights to Free Speech, especially in light of when and how she was asked.

The Trump Network

In the same year, 2009, Donald opened up a MLM company, called it the Trump Network and it failed.  The product was vitamins made specifically for your needs, or chemical imbalance. If you were not getting enough Vitamin D, the personalized vitamins could help that.  The test was done with a mouth swab sent into the company, and then the vitamins were made with the minerals you would need to support chemical balance.

Donald  launched the company and thousands upon thousands joined, but the product makers could not keep up and of course the FDA got involved, the MLM pyramid mystique kicked in and every word in the literature for The Trump Network was analyzed to the bone, and now the company is still battling a law suit.

Naturally, who cares more about the Trump Network than you or me are  the opponents of Trump.  The affiliates all got paid and refunded, but that’s not good enough.  So what the government does and is good at  is wasting more of your tax dollars, to continue to go after something that nobody really cares about, and in my opinion, a waste of time because everyone was paid back, paid commissions and all problems were handled.  So the affiliates involved were taken care of.  Nobody Died, nobody got ripped off, nobody gives a hoot, until Donald Trump becomes GOP president nominee, then all of a sudden, some folks seems to care.

It seems to me, if you want to be  a career politician and owned any company in your past, stop right here, turn around, and go home.  Trump’s only problem is he owns businesses.  Not many other presidents in the recent past have owned any business, so you can’t attack their business model and ideas.  It’s sad that it takes a career politician to be the choice of the media, and the government.  To me, it’s a good ole boy network, and if you are a rich businessman who has an epiphany to change a nation, you can guarantee the wave of attacks will come.  Donald Trump or not, you will be attacked.

So , as we move into this election, it seems people are getting sick and tired of the same ole song and dance.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the political groups you follow really do not care too much for you, but lobby for self.  But, if you get rich they care and will demonize you, if you get poor, are poor, or remain poor, they have you right where they want you, and they can offer you this program or that program to keep you poor and complacent.

If you start an MLM company that can get people healthy and make people extra money, that is like breaking the 10 commandments of these law makers. Donald Trump’s heart was in the right spot with The Trump Network, and I can say it would have taken off with the proper company doing the leg work in the background.   Mr Trumps mistake was not saying “you’re fired” fast enough to the product provider and then hiring a company that could handle the influx of orders.  Unfortunately, I do not think  there was any other company that could. It was a rare product, and many many people were joining.

Multi Level Marketing

I’ve read some of the news surrounding the Trump Network failure, and it’s harsh. I am not even sure if it is 100% accurate, like most news today, the rush to get the first story out seems to leave out the full truth.

It’s easy to destroy someones reputation when it comes to a Multi Level Marketing program, because most people think it’s a pyramid scheme, and its not. It can be annoying when you keep getting hosed down by friends and family  to buy soap, potions and lotions, I understand that, but the commission charts are not scams when done right.  Franchises can be considered MLM companies as well, as you make money at one level, pass up a fee to the next level, and it takes a startup cost to join.  Any insurance company can be considered a MLM, as you the agent, gets paid from the top down, as the money comes from the TOP to the regional to the local to the agent based on who made the sale.  That’s 4 levels of money being distributed. But its a legal commission chart, like most MLM’s are.

But even in this failed MLM business, Donald Trump was trying to push a good product and help people make money from home.  It didn’t work out, but I enjoyed the prospect of the possibility of making it work.

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