Finally Make Money Using Your Cellphone [Problem Solved]


Finally, Make Money Using Your Cellphone

Imagine sitting at home, pulling up an app, clicking a few buttons, and making $1.50 per connection without selling anything to anyone, EVER!

Well, we found a company that has been around for over a year, and at the cutting edge of technology for advertising, traveling and much much more. The newest product helps people, just like you, make money sitting at home, opening up their app, and connecting callers with businesses.

NOW WAIT – before your imagination runs wild, it’s what the industry calls “pre-screening” and all it takes is for the caller (you) to ensure they have the person on the line that the company is looking for (the agent). Its as simple as clicking a few buttons, and passing the caller to the agent (takes about 8 seconds), and it’s one of the easiest things this author has ever done.

The process is simple, click, call, either talk, or hang up if no answer, or answering machine or voice mail, and the system automatically brings you to another person within seconds.

Once you connect with the person, easily verify (the company has a script that’s one sentence long) tell them to hold, click AGENT on the app and you are done!  $1.50 paid!  Next call.   You can literally connect 15 to 20 people an hours (do the math). You can make 20 to 30 an hour, from your couch!


There is only one company who has this technology and the company has been around for a while selling packages for different niches. From travel packages to marketing.  They are on the leading edge of technology and use Multi-Level-Marketing platforms to sell products. This means you can get in on a fantastic ground floor opportunity with a very well oiled, and fast growing company, that not only has conference calls almost daily, but a fantastic facebook page to keep abreast of all information and news the company has to offer.

YoloPros is the name of the company. You can research the company on the internet and you should be satisfied with the results.  More than satisfied.



This is the best part of the company, your earnings can go directly to your bank or a bitcoin wallet, which is stored in your yolopros back office.  If you have watched bitcoin you may have noticed the doom and gloom news “predictions” and reports. I believe Bitcoin is not doom and gloom, but prosperity and wealth.  Bitcoin is not regulated which means you can make BANK NOW!

Naturally, you can choose USD account for your earnings as well, it’s up to you.  But we found that many people are interested in Bitcoin and YOLOPROS through their payment processor makes it super duper easy to get bitcoin and keep it, and even sell it for a large profit.


If sitting at home, making pre-screen calls to the millions and millions of people in the database that Yolopros receives from various call centers from all around the United States and earning 1.50 for every 10 second connect you do makes sense to you, then you should certainly check out this opportunity.

This author is not sure whom the companies are that you screen for, nor do the yolopros affiliates. Just verifying name and letting the person know its a call from a company that they have talked to before about an important business package they mailed is all you need to do, then you click “CLIENT” and the call is passed and onto the next call.


So if you are looking for a technological advanced opportunity that pays you in USD or BITCOIN without doing nothing more than a 10 second verification call and passing the call with a push of a button to the call center, then this opportunity is for you.

Making $1,625 a month, in Bitcoin is the norm, and you can make a lot more!

Join YOLOPROS today! Just FILL IN THIS FORM and get all the exciting information







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