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Fat Anchor Woman Are Getting Moved Off Screen, Until ….

Fat Anchor Woman Need to Lose Weight!

Over in Egypt, the  state-run television station and companies have decided to take about 6  anchorwomen off the air until they lose some weight,  and look good for the cameras.  Of course this is drawing criticism from many “rights”  groups around the world, but in the TV circles, drawing praise from some commentators.

So the head of the Egyptian “state run”state-run television has now taken several anchorwomen off the air until they, of course,  lose weight. Safaa Hegazy the head of the TV world in Egypt said about 6 woman will be removed from anchoring.  By the way, Safaa is female.

She states that this move is in the framework to make the anchors better and serves as a training move to make them the best anchors they can be, and yes, I paraphrased that, but that, in fact, is exactly the excuse she uses to under mind fat anchor woman.

Ms Hegazy  is letting the anchorwomen  work in production during the period they need to lose weight. Mass Production? (joke) But naturally, they can return to the screen, and do the job of an anchor when they lose the weight.

This is shameful and the decision, from a female, (a non married female, which makes sense) is being looked into by the Womens Centre for Guidance and Legal Awareness, who state the entire mess is contrary to Egypt’s constitution.

But there are some, like Sami Abdel Aziz, who agrees with the decision, and  told the media that the fitness of an anchorwoman gives the proper impression of liveliness on the screen.

Personally I don’t see having fat or skinny or pretty or ugly anchor woman will do anything to the news, just the ratings of the news channel. But where I really scratch my head is if its “state run” what’s the difference? There is no competition when the state runs anything. After all, governments are not really into competing with anyone, but this story does seems to take a different road.

Egypt wants their anchorwoman to look healthy by loosing weight and showing liveliness on the screen, which really has little or nothing to do with competition from other media competitors.  The irony is, I think all countries do this, but Egypt decided to be honest and tell the truth, or, it may have been obvious if they moved 6 fat anchorwoman from the screen to the back office, so they had no other choice.



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